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The Butte Copper Company

Montana with Elk Antler Antique Tankard

Montana with Elk Antler Antique Tankard

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100% Solid Copper 

Whether you’re a Moscow Mule enthusiast, or just like to keep your drinks really cold you can’t go wrong with our premium copper mugs. Our mugs are solid copper. Some of our mugs do have brass handles, the brass handles allow your hand to not get as cold when you’re holding the copper mug. The copper mug is going to continue to get colder because Copper is a conductor.

You won’t find any other copper mugs on the market quite like ours. We take pride in knowing that we have one of the largest selections and the best products. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason with our copper mugs within the first 30 days, please return for a full refund.

Why do you drink Moscow Mules in a copper cup? The reason for the copper cup is that the ginger beer reacts to the Copper to give it a completely different taste. You cannot get the same taste with any other type of cup, or if the copper cup is lined.  

Can you put hot drinks in a copper mug?

-No you can’t the Copper is a conductor, and will continue to get hotter and you will burn your lips. 

100% Pure copper food grade - No nickel or stainless steel, PURE FOOD GRADE COPPER. These mugs are the real deal, drink the moscow mule the way it was meant to be enjoyed, with a handcrafted pure copper mug

ICE COLD - our copper mug will frost up in mere seconds. The pure copper transmits an icy cold experience directly to your lips, and the metal locks in the drink's coolness.

MAKE YOUR KITCHEN SHINE - these hammered copper mugs will really stand out in your kitchen and impress your friends.














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